What is DBePub?

DBePub offers custom writing, editing, electronic publishing, PowerPoints, and WordPress sites. It’s where I, Dee Broughton, as DBePub’s founder, work with you, personally, to plan your project. My team and I will then write, edit, revise, and publish your book, or design your professional presentation or website.
It’s where, with sensitivity, creativity, technical knowledge, and attention to detail, we turn your ideas into the quality books and presentation materials you need to promote your own efforts.
It’s where you find your ideas, at their best.
Contact DBePub at hello@DBePub.com for a consultation before you start your next project.

Web Design in WordPress

If you don’t judge a business by its website, you’re probably one of the few people left that doesn’t. If you don’t have a website yet, you already know you need one.
DBePub has, for some time, offered help to our authors in getting their sites up and running, but we now offer WordPress design from the ground up for a variety of business types. Take a look at Alta Vista Recording

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Developmental Editing

Many of the writers that come to DBePub are new writers. As a writing teacher and editor, I love working with these writers. I don’t just edit for them; I take the time to help them become better writers as we work on their projects. But not all DBePub writers are new. Even experienced, published writers seek editorial support. One of the most experienced writers I’ve worked with is Jerry D Mathes, II.

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Contact DBePub for a consultation at hello@DBePub.com.
Have you written a book you want to edit or publish? Are you an expert in your field and want help writing a book or designing presentation materials? Do you need a WordPress site to promote your work? Do you need help with research? Whether your project is commercial, literary, or academic, contact us for a free consultation.

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