Ebook Development

Ebooks have become almost obligatory in internet marketing. Many people offer them as free incentives for customers signing up for membership sites or email lists. That means, not only, that you really want one, but that, if you’re going to charge for it, you really want it to be good. Loretta Sparks invited DBePub to help her launch a beautiful new website by turning her articles and video content into up-to-date ebooks.
She’s got a gorgeous, professional webdesign and a strong reputation as a counselor and coach, so she wanted her books to be of equal quality.
As the solopreneur of DBePub, I was honored to be a part of it. Clients who care about quality are happy with the attention to detail they find here, and they are clients I’m happy to work with. If you care about your project, you want the people you work with to care just as much.
Books I write or edit for clients get consistently good reviews for overall quality of writing, clarity, and organization, a sure way to enhance my clients’ reputations.
Take a look at a few of the testimonials that will appear on another upcoming book I worked on for clients:
The authors teamed up to “clarify the advanced concepts…and simplify them for us remarkably

I’ve read many books on this topic but I “have not run across anything quite as comprehensive and well put together as this book…”

This book is a “clear, user friendly exploration.”

The authors “did a stellar job writing this….”

well designed and comprehensive

extremely well-written

organized, clear, easy to understand and well-referenced….

If you’re an expert in your field, but not an expert writer, DBePub can give you the quality presentation your expertise and experience deserve. DBePub can present your ideas at their best.