Kindle Conversion

The first DBePub Kindle publication to be marketed on Amazon was the previously self-edited and self-published novel, Seasons of Love. Steve edited his book himself, but DBePub did the Kindle edition, including digital cover design, formatting, and publishing live on Amazon.

If you’re interested in self-publishing, by all means, take a look at Kindle Direct Publishing. Whether you’ve published before, or you’ve always wanted to, epublishing is a whole new world. You no longer have to meet someone else’s standards of marketability to get your work read.

Like the new generation of indie artists and musicians, writers today finally have the means to self-publish their works and connect with audiences all over the world, and, for now, at least, Amazon is letting them do it for free.
The publishing instructions are all out there on the net, but they do get a bit… well… not complicated, exactly, but… fussy. If you’re not the type who likes to fuss with grammar or computer stuff, consider hiring me to edit and publish your work.
All DBePub Kindle Direct editions are guaranteed to have proper formatting of text, table of contents, covers, and ncx files. (If you’re an author and you don’t know what ncx files are, don’t worry, I do. DBePub’s got you covered.)