Web Design in WordPress

If you don’t judge a business by its website, you’re probably one of the few people left that doesn’t. If you don’t have a website yet, you already know you need one.
DBePub has, for some time, offered help to our authors in getting their sites up and running, but we now offer WordPress design from the ground up for a variety of business types. Take a look at Alta Vista Recording, one of our recent designs for a great little sound studio in Austin, TX.


Tom Johnson, owner and operator of this twenty-year-old business, had an older, well-designed site in html, but he wanted to take advantage of the greater SEO advantages of using WordPress.
He also wanted to update his look, to make the site easier to maintain by himself, and to move to a mobile-friendly design that would appeal to his artistic, on-the-go clients.
DBePub delivered on it all for one all-inclusive price, from design to launch, through numerous drafts and meetings to get it all right and to make sure Tom would be ready to edit his site himself after it went live.
DBePub handles webdesign the same way we do our books, with a perfectionist’s attention to detail and careful consideration of what the client wants to accomplish.

As a designer, I want to leave you with a simple, attractive design that you’ll be proud to promote.
To do this, I strive for a site that will accurately reflect the work you do as it helps you meet your business goals, whether you’re updating an older business, like Tom’s, or branching out, like the site we launched recently for a growing postpartum doula service.

Austin Baby Guru was a new type of business for DBePub, so, before any design took place, we researched similar businesses aimed at similar clientele and blended ideas from those designs with the trusted reputation and personality of the business owner to come up with something totally unique.

DBePub offers mobile-optimized sites as well as attractive layouts for large screen viewing, taking care to optimize SEO, to incorporate your social media needs, and to keep load times as lean as possible.
Perhaps most importantly, DBePub will deliver a design with an eye to the future. I want your site to be as easy as possible for you to maintain once you’re launched. I’m dedicated to helping you get ready to manage your site, whether you need a single session to get up to speed, a complete introduction to using WordPress, or coordination with a team of other techs.
As always, DBePub specializes in presenting your ideas at their best.